Management Systems Consultancy Services (Based on Certification for ISO / Non-ISO Standard Series & International Guidelines)

You are a small, medium or large size enterprise, organization or business unit and:

  • You need to achieve compliance or certification to one of the following standards: ISO 9000, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 17025, etc.
  • You are already certified to a standard and want to upgrade or implement your system to the last version of abovementioned standards with MINIMAL expenses and MAXIMAL benefit for your organization.
  • You want to improve the efficiency of your operation.
  • You want to lower the cost of maintaining your current certification or compliance program.
  • You want to build up or upgrade the system that you may already have.
  • You want to streamline your current system so that it becomes easier to use/maintain.

We offer 2 options depending on the resources you wish to allocate for the implementation of Management standards:

Option 1: Turnkey Certification consulting

PADMIRA Consulting can drive the implementation or assist you on-site with training and consulting to comply with the required standard. We offer an implementation service that follows a 5-step methodology: gap assessment, training, management system design/upgrade, internal audit, and certification audit. We will establish all the necessary compliant processes, provide and generate or assist in the generation of all the documentation to meet the requirements of the standard. The implementation usually involves streamlining and simplification of your operation to take full advantage of the benefits of the reference standard.

Option 2: Limited Consulting

You may have an old system, or also may already have a system which you want to maintain, or upgrade, or, you may have enough internal trained resources to implement your new system, but you need some limited guidance to ensure your path is correct. Padmira Consulting will provide a system which is based on a few man-days of consulting, plus highlighting the roadmap into your success in audits, based on your own resources.


Project Execution Methodology

Padmira Consulting provides a broad range of custom-tailored consulting and training services designed to help small, medium, and large companies achieve compliance and certification/registration to management systems. Whether your objective is to be certified to a management system standard, improve your existing management system, or to achieve business excellence, Padmira Consulting will customize a program to fit your needs.

Padmira Consulting approach is proven to be the most efficient and effective method for achieving compliance and certification to the reference standard(s)/guideline(s). E.g. while the industry norm for implementation of an ISO 9001 based QMS is 12 months or more, Padmira Consulting customized consulting and training services achieve the objective in just 4-6 months, with better QMS performance.


For more information, Please contact us. We will gladly answer any of your questions and provide you with free guidance should you need it.

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