EMC Directive Compliance

The EMC Directive applies to all electronic or electrical products liable to cause or be disturbed by an electromagnetic disturbance. As a result a large number of manufacturers in the electronics or electrical industries need to ensure that their products are compliant with the requirements of the Directive and be able to demonstrate that this is the case in order to affix a valid CE marking to them.

EMC Directive Guidance from Padmira Consulting

With multiple methods available for demonstrating conformity and complex technical requirements it can often be confusing for manufacturers trying to ensure their products meet the EMC Directive. Padmira Consulting provides advice and guidance that eliminates confusion. Our consultants have a detailed understanding of both the Directive and the Standards. They can assess an individual client’s needs and provide impartial advice on the most appropriate compliance solutions that will allow them to affix a valid CE Marking for the EMC Directive to their products.

EMC Directive Compliance Support from Padmira Consulting

No matter what method for demonstrating conformity a manufacturer chooses, Padmira Consulting can provide direct support to the EMC Directive compliance process. The services offered by Padmira Consulting include:

  • Product Compliance Reviews to ensure that a product meets all essential requirements prior to testing or assessment
  • EMC Testing, including identifying test requirements, preparing test plans and arranging or undertaking cost effective testing
  • Preparation of documentation to provide evidence to support a claim of compliance
  • Advice on statutory obligations, handling design changes and other requirements for maintaining a valid CE Marking

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