Low Voltage Directive – LVD

The LVD applies to all electrical equipment, with a few exceptions, that is designed or adapted for use between 50 and 1,000 volts AC or 75 and 1,500 volts DC. All manufacturers or importers of electrical equipment that fall within this scope should ensure that their products conform to the requirements of the LVD. Manufacturers who do so can affix a valid CE Marking to their products to indicate conformity.

Low Voltage Directive Support from Padmira Consulting

Achieving product compliance with the LVD can be complicated and time consuming. Applicable standards or the relevant safety objectives must be identified, and reviewed for each product. A route for demonstrating conformity must be chosen. Risk assessments and testing may become necessary and documentation may need to be prepared. For manufacturers both large and small managing LVD compliance issues and maintaining the resources to do so can prove both impractical and costly.

Padmira Consulting specializes in providing solutions to its clients that ease the burden of managing LVD compliance issues in terms of time, resources and costs. Our team of consultant engineers can undertake a wide range of tasks on behalf of clients, including:

  • Safety Compliance Reviews – Assessments of product designs, selection of applicable standards and development of cost-effective compliance strategies
  • Inspections, Risk Assessments & Testing – On-site or lab based inspection and testing of manufacturers’ products to ensure compliance with the applicable standards
  • Documentation Preparation – Preparation of test and risk assessment reports, technical files and other documentation required to demonstrate product conformity to the LVD

Whatever clients individual requirements for LVD compliance support may be, from simple technical advice to developing and managing a company-wide compliance strategy, Padmira Consulting can provide a solution that meets their needs and budget.

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